About Us
Security Equipment Company, Inc.
is a Tennessee corporation that was formed in 1977.

From its beginning, drawing on a wealth of extensive electrical design experience, the company has provided a broad range of low voltage security services. Since that time it has become one of the largest independent alarm and security companies in Tennessee.
Tennessee Service Area
As Security Equipment Company has grown over the years, it has merged other companies into its base of operation. As expansion of the primary customer base has taken place, in order to provide prompt and efficient service it became necessary to expand from the original headquarters in McMinnville to a substantial branch office in Knoxville.
The most important part of any service company is the quality and experience of its personnel. Security Equipment Company is certainly no exception to this. With a combined experience of hundreds of years, our highly trained employees have the necessary skills to install and service a wide range of security and low voltage equipment.
Never constrained to a small customer service area, Security Equipment Company routinely services a wide area of Tennessee as seen in the map below.
Principal Service Area
Your Security System Service Since 1977
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