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Security Equipment Company provides video interfacing systems that can help stop some of the most common forms of employee theft.
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Sweet Hearting - With an accomplice "sweet heart" who loads up expensive items for check out, the clerk rings up the items but charges a lower price than marked. This type of loss shows up later as shrinkage.

Voids - After the customer has left, the cashier voids a sale and pockets the cash.

Substitute Scans - A clerk scans a low-cost item for a more expensive one. This is either with a "sweet heart" or the employee pockets the cash difference later.

No Sales - The most common suspect transaction. While this may occasionally be necessary to correct mistakes, it is frequently used when the employee is "sweet hearting" or removing cash after some bogus transaction.
With Video Interface Recording
Without Video Interface Recording
Without the video interface record you cannot easily tell that the cashier has done a substitute scan. This common theft practice occurs when the cashier scans a low-cost item in place of a more expensive one. In this case, the cashier scans a candy bar in place of a bottle of whisky.
Single Camera Dome with Four
High Capacity Cameras
How a video interface connects into your existing camera system.