Special Projects
Security Equipment Company
Installs Specialized Equipment
In Law Enforcement Vehicles
Homeland Security Mobile Command Center
Homeland Security required a Mobile Command Center that could easily provide an on-site operations center. Project included lights, sirens, CCTV center, galley and office facilities.
Tactical Assault Vehicle - Warren County Sheriff's Department
The Special Operations Response Team of Warren County Sheriff's Department was able to secure an armored personnel carrier for tactical operations. The APC had to be equipped with lights, sirens, and other operational equipment.
Security Equipment Company, drawing upon its long experience and close relationships with law enforcement agencies, has from time to time been called upon to install specialized equipment in law enforcement vehicles.

As part of its modernization efforts to meet the ever increasing complexity of today's need for emergency law enforcement response, the Warren County Sheriff's Department was able to obtain specialized vehicles for its use. They called upon Security Equipment Company to install some of the situation specific communications and control equipment required for these vehicles.

While the unusual equipment was at Security Equipment Company's offices undergoing modification to meet the Sheriff's Department needs, many innocent questions were raised about possible changes to the extent of the company's alarm response and tactics.
Security Equipment Company is occasionally called upon to perform special or unusual installations. With its proven experience in handling exceptional requirements and drawing upon its extensive design capabilities, even the most challenging of projects can generally be satisfactorily resolved.
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