Customer Bonus Program
At Security Equipment Company we encourage our Customers to tell friends and neighbors about our services. In fact, when you refer a friend or neighbor and they get a system also, we will give you a FREE month's monitoring. Its just our way of saying Thanks for your support as a special customer.
Already Have a Competitors System and Not Satisfied with Your Service?
To Take Advantage of This Special Limited Time Offer
To take advantage of this special, LIMITED TIME offer, just contact us and tell us who you are recommending. (It's a bit of a problem if your friend or neighbor calls us first because then we don't know who the recommendation is from unless they remember to tell us.)

Just give us the person's name and how to contact them.
Name, address, phone or cell number, and when would be the best contact time is the ideal information. We will then contact your friend and offer our services. As I am sure you remember, we do not use high pressure sales tactics so you need not be reluctant nor embarrassed to recommend us. You will be doing all concerned a favor.
Security Equipment Company realizes that you have choices when it comes to alarm systems and system providers. We also realize that pressure sales techniques and false promises of other companies frequently fail to live up to your expectations. From experience we also know that many others consider service after the sale just an unnecessary burden on their profit margin.

While Security Equipment Company does not want to unfairly lure you away from any alarm service provider you may currently have, if you are not happy with your present system or the service, we think you are entitled to better.

So here's our offer, If you have an existing alarm system from a competitor and choose to change to our special alarm system package, we will provide the first three (3) months of monitoring FREE. Now, for a
limited time, here is your opportunity to trade up to something better. We believe it's what you deserve.
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