Frequently Asked Questions
Security Equipment Company has some questions frequently asked of us. Perhaps some of yours may be answered below.
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Questions still not answered?
Are alarm systems required to be monitored?
Security Equipment recommends professional monitoring of all alarm systems. However, it only requires monitoring on discounted alarm systems that are part of a special offer. Many fire alarm systems are mandated to be monitored by codes enforcement officials and that must be determined on a case by case basis.
How can I pay my bill?
Security Equipment has a variety of bill paying options to suit your convenience. Of course we accept checks and cash, however many people now prefer that routine monthly billing automatically be charged to a credit card or paid by automatic bank draft. These options are readily available to you, just contact our administrative personnel.
I already have an alarm system.
There are a variety of options available to someone who has an existing alarm system. If the system was installed by Security Equipment, there are very easy answers:

If your system was installed by someone else, we are delighted to help meet your needs. If fact, there may be some special offers available to you. Contact us to discuss the options.
• If you need service, just contact our service department and we will quickly schedule a service call at your convenience.
• If you want to upgrade your system for expanded capabilities such as home automation, remote control, direct messaging, or to eliminate a telephone land line, contact us and we will be happy to work out whatever changes you may wish.
I am changing my telephone service. Will it affect my alarm system?
The answer is maybe:
• If you are dropping your "land line" and your system is monitored over it, then yes, you need to go to wireless or internet monitoring. Contact us immediately.
• If you are changing telephone carriers or wiring then you should immediately test your system to insure that the monitoring has not been disrupted.
• I you are changing to VOIP telephone service, then your monitoring will likely be degraded. Contact us and let us work with you to make sure there is not a problem.