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Security Equipment Company has been chosen as the exclusive statewide installer for Anytime Fitness centers in Tennessee. Anytime Fitness is the largest 24-hour co-ed fitness club in the world and also the fastest-growing franchised fitness club worldwide.
With Anytime Fitness Access is the Key
Access control is achieved in doorways with the requirement of access cards or key fobs that have to be held to a proximity reader. Only authorized persons equipped with such access cards or key fobs can gain entry. Information stored in the access card or key fob is transmitted to a controller unit that, in turn, transmits the information to the onsite computer's access control software. If the validity of the card or key is confirmed, the signal to allow entry is given to the controller unit which triggers a mechanism in the doorway enabling the person to enter.
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Tailgating is eliminated. Any additional person who attempts to enter with the card or key holder will trigger an audible alarm. The entire incident is recorded on a digital video recorder, identifying the persons who have made the unauthorized entry, as well as the card or key holder who had been tailed.
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