Monitoring Options
Security Equipment Company strongly urges that all alarm systems be professionally monitored. However, with a few exceptions, should an Owner decide not to have their alarm system monitored Security Equipment Company respects that decision and does not insist on mandatory monitoring. That option is exceptionally rare in today's marketplace.
Monitoring Options
Owner's Choices
Telephone Lines are the Most Common Means of Alarm Monitoring
Despite a wide and growing number of options, the plain old telephone service (in the industry known as POTS) remains the most common method of monitoring alarm systems even today. In the past, POTS was just about the only option available when you wanted your alarm system monitored. It was cheap, reliable (aside from cut phone lines) and almost everyone had POTS lines.

Today, as more and more people are looking to reduce their growing phone bills by moving to VOIP and other options such as cell phones legacy POTS lines still remain the most common.

Want to Eliminate Phone Lines?
Wireless Monitoring is Available
With the advent of expanding cell phone service more and more people are dropping telephone "land lines" as an unnecessary expense. With cell service available in most locations and no phone lines to be cut, wireless monitoring of alarm systems is rapidly becoming a more popular alternative. Security Equipment Company has been offering this advantageous service for years. Eliminating an old fashioned "land line" can be a real cost saver.
Want alarm system reports directly to your cell phone? Security Equipment Company can arrange for that.
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Broadband Offers Many Cell Phone Connected Options
As broadband (internet) service has become widespread, more and more people are reducing phone bills with VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol). Following this trend, broadband alarm monitoring offers a wide variety of other options such as direct cell phone reporting and remote control from your smart phone.
In order to meet a wide variety of Owner situations and preferences, Security Equipment Company offers the widest possible variety of alarm monitoring options. In the newest developments, telephones linea are no longer required.
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