For over a quarter of a century Security Equipment Company has represented what has now become the largest fire alarm equipment manufacturer in the world. Notifier, some 25 years ago, was one among a number of fire alarm equipment manufacturers. At that time Security Equipment Company became part of the independent dealer network that has proven the successful business model for the company.

Since that time, Notifier has grown to become the dominate force and worldwide innovator of fire alarm equipment manufacturing. Security Equipment Company, a proud partner in fire alarm excellence, has also grown to become a powerhouse in fire alarm installation and service.
Fire Alarm Systems
Security Equipment Company has become the regional powerhouse in fire alarm installation and service. From fire alarm systems consisting of simple fire alarm pull stations and a few notification devices to complex integrated systems covering multiple buildings spread over city blocks, Security Equipment Company is positioned to meet your fire alarm needs.
Security Equipment Company
Notifier Dealer
Over Quarter of a Century
For over 35 years Security Equipment Company has been installing and servicing fire alarm systems in its large multi-county region. After this long extensive service history, the company has achieved the status of being listed as a fire alarm service and installation company by Underwriters Laboratories. The prestige of this distinction is achieved by only the most reliable and reputable of fire alarm companies that meet the rigorous testing and inspection standards of UL.

For customers, this gives the added assurance that their fire alarm system
meets the very highest of installation and reliability standards. Look for the
UL Listed sign of excellence in your fire alarm systems.
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