Security Equipment Product Line Expands
Burglar / Intrusion Alarms Continue to Evolve
Security Equipment Company, with its over 35 years of continuous operation, has seen many and vast changes in the alarm industry. Technology continues to advance the ability of alarm systems to meet customer needs with better features and greater flexibility.

We're entering an era of technology where traditional communications are being replaced by advanced digital wireless networks. As VoIP with a cable modem or a cell phone becomes the primary home phone, you need to be certain that a dependable communications link exists so your alarm signals always gets through to the central station! Our new GSM digital radios, the same technology found in millions of cell phones, help ensure that your alarm system will continue to function without interrupti
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Security Equipment Company
is now an authorized
Honeywell Security Products Dealer
Security Equipment Company now features the new advanced Lynx and Vista alarm systems with Total Connect by Honeywell.